The best way I learn new information is through videos. Visual content grabs my attention much more effectively than any other type of content.

It's easier for me to memorize an information if I see and hear it at the same time. So when I started learning to code, my first sources of knowledge were Youtube and Coursera. In this article, I would like to share my favorite Youtubers that will teach you how to code. All the videos on these channels come with a voice-over, so when you watch them, you will use two types of memory: audio and visual, which will help you to better memorize the information.

The Net Ninja – web development

In my opinion, this is the best Youtube channel for web developers. The author is Shaun, an incredibly talented British tutor.  After his tutorial on React.js and redux, I fell in love with this JS framework.  I also listened to his CSS animation, mongoDB and REST API  tutorials and I can recommend them all. The next tutorial I'm going to watch is React.js Hooks and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. On this channel, you will find node.js, Vue.js, Firebase, html/css tutorials and more. I'm sure you won't regret if you start learning to program with the Net Ninja. Each tutorial contains about 30 videos. Each video is a step in the realization of a project. The videos are 10 minutes long. I guess it's the perfect duration because you don't get tired and you can take a little break when you need it. All the videos are very well structured and well explained. The only thing to remember is that Net Ninja is a channel for web developers (mostly front-end), so you won't find tutorials on application development or data mining. However, if you are interested in web development, I highly recommend this channel. – all kind of development

If you've never heard of this community, then what are you waiting for? Here is their website, YouTube and Twitter, take a look at it. On their website, you will find many interactive tutorials on different topics in text form. If this type of learning is suitable for you, go ahead. However, I prefer video content, so I watched a couple of their Youtube tutorials, which were also very helpful to me. They cover all possible topics: web development (front-end and back-end), app development (Java, Swift, React Native), statistical calculation (R, Python) and many other interesting lessons. The only thing that made me rank them second was the length of their videos. I'd rather watch a series of short episodes than long videos. 2-hours videos tire me out faster than 15-minute videos. But what I really love about freeCodeCamp is an incredible community on Twitter. They have helped thousands of people learn how to program. Many Twitter users do their tutorials and report their progress and share it with their followers. It is incredibly motivating. So take a look at this community and subscribe to all their platforms.

The Coding Train – web development, machine learning

If you are interested in machine learning, please go to this channel and check out the playlist "Neural Networks and Machine Learning". I'm just getting started, but it's really interesting. If you are interested in front-end, you will also find useful the playlist about JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Personally, I didn't look at the tutorials on this subject, but I heard a lot of positive comments. In addition, the Coding Train channel covers very well some basic concepts such as the notion of an array, loops, if...else statement. So, if you are really new to programming, I highly recommend a beginner's guide on this channel. I really like that Dan (the author of the Coding Train) shows up on his videos. In fact, it helps me to recreate a teacher-student environment. So I remember the information for much longer. In addition, he not only uses the computer screen but also writes on the whiteboard, which helps to better understand the concepts.

Traversy Media – web development

This channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers and approximately 50,000 views on each video. It just means that this channel is really cool. Traversy Media covers all web development topics: html/css, Angular, React, Python, Vue.js and much more. Unfortunately, I didn't look at any of his tutorials, but he is highly recommended in the dev community. However, I like his chatty videos where the author shares some developer tips, difficulties that can arise if you are a developer and tips for mental health. Go and check it out.

FunFunFunction - web development

Mattias, the author of this channel, is very charismatic. So if you watch one of his videos, you'll stay with him forever. As he himself describes his channel, this is a show about programming and not a series of tutorials. Its main purpose is to help people understand that programming can be fun. And it is. If you don't think so, check out FunFunFunction channel. Besides, he has another YouTube channel called DevTips, where he shares his tricks for developers. Check it out too!

That's it. This is my personal list of the best Youtubers who will teach you a little (or a lot) more about programming. If I didn't mention your favorite, leave a comment below and tell me why you like it and which playlist or video you recommend most. Also, if you know of any decent women YouTube channels, leave me their names in comments or on my Twitter. I'll wait for your answer!

P.S. If by any chance any Youtuber who has been mentioned or any other Youtuber who does the channel about programming reads this, I wanted to thank you for making the code education free, thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are the best! And if you, my reader, only think about making your video channel and wonder if it's worth it, the answer is yes. So if you have something you want to share with this world and you think it could be useful, do it!