In today's article, I would like to share with you my favorite Visual Studio Code extension that I use in my React.js projects.

Why VS Code?

When I started learning to code, I used Atom as a text editor and I really loved it. Then I switched to VS Code just to try it (you can get your VS Code here - it's free). And I loved it even more. The main reason is the interface of this text editor. You get used to it in 5 minutes of coding. It has IntelliSense which helps you to complete your line of code and gives you information about the parameters while you are typing. Emmet support is also included for html, css, jsx (this is all I need when I code with React.js). It supports most programming languages and it's fully customizable with tons of extensions available on the market. Here is the list of extensions I use as a front-end web developer.


This extension checks if all your brackets are closed, if all commas and semicolons are put, if the indentation is respected.  Basically, it makes your code more readable, clean and pretty. In fact, I mentioned this extension as a must for those who are just starting to learn to code. If you want to see more tips for beginners, check out my article here. If you want to download ESLint, here is the link.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

When your brackets are colored, it is much easier to understand your code visually. This extension gives each pair of parentheses a different color, so it will be simpler to identify where each pair begins and ends. This extension will make your life easier. Download here.

Auto Rename Tag

If you rename the opening tag, the closing tag will be renamed automatically. This saves you time and effort. Download here.

Code Runner

This extension runs the code you have selected. When you press a playback button, the code is executed directly and you do not need to interact with the terminal.  Very simple and easy. Download here.

Code Spell Checker

Well, I suppose that's understandable without any explanation what this extension does. It not only checks English spelling, but you can also check your Dutch, Catalan, Czech, French, German, French, French, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. This extension will certainly help you to translate your web page. Download here.

Better Comments

If you like to comment on your code during development, then you need this extension. It allows you to colorize your comments and make them more user-friendly. You will be able to make alerts, tasks and highlights for your comments section. Download here.

This are all extensions I use. I discovered them all in Visual Studio Marketplace. There are tons of interesting and useful extensions. In addition, there are many themes that you can install for your text editor if you don't like standard ones. If I didn't mention your favorite extension, leave a comment on this article or send me a tweet. If you use another text editor, tell me what you like best and why.