1.47 billion users connect to Facebook every day. If you are creating your own products, you should consider Facebook as the perfect platform to promote them. While learning how to successfully run ads for Crosspost, I found some tools that Facebook provides for free. These services will help you to get more traffic, engagements and downloads.

Facebook business

It is a platform that teaches you how to effectively run your Facebook or Instagram ads. It gives you useful tips, case studies and best practice to create and execute your marketing campaigns in the best possible way.

Facebook blueprint

It is also an educational platform that provides free courses about advertising on Facebook and Instagram. They have lessons about targeting, measuring ad performances and a lot of another helpful information.

Facebook Ads Manager

It is a tool for creating and managing your ad. You can not only publish your ad here, but also measure their performance. This tool is very powerful. In a future article we will show you how to use it efficiently to achieve your goals.

Facebook Ad Library

To ensure full transparency Facebook provides some information about all running ads on a social network. You can see promoted content, target country and when promotion is started.  If ad is about political issues, elections or politics, the additional information will be shown as approximate number of impressions, amount spent and demographic information. It can help you to get more information about your competitors: which country they target and what message they promote.

Image Text Check

Image that you use on Facebook ad should have less than 20% of text on it. If you have too much texts, ad will perform less efficiently. To determinate if your ad may reach fewer people, you can use Image Text Check.

That’s it. It’s a list of native Facebook platforms that will help you to create an ad for your product.